Monday, January 6, 2014

The snow could be piled high, but the hearts of the campers are warm with thoughts of summer. -Wonderland Camp's goal is to give our campers the "Time of their Life." Wonderland Camp staff have Six Days (the length of camp) to impact their lives. All of the campers look forward to Summer Camp, just like anyone who has been to camp would. The ability to go outside and fish, swim, shoot BB guns, get wet, experience nature, and make new friends. It is something everyone wants friends and experiences to remember.
So on a cold day with lots of snow, Wonderland Camp remembers the warm laughs, smiles, and relationships. Just four months away in April, Wonderland Camp will offer a new Spring Weekend. Wonderland Camp continues in the original mission: "Provide a fun, educational camp experience for children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities, to offer a respite from daily care giving for family members and healthcare workers and to provide and nurture a personal development experience for volunteers and staff." Camp wants to give more opportunities for these experiences by offering new weekend camps.  
No matter the situation EVERYONE needs camp. Nature restores the soul, a warm fire relaxes the senses, and a song with friends encourages the heart. We all need camp, everyone!
Remember to check out the website: Registration is Online, click Here to set up a log-in for NEW campers. If you are a returning camper call our office for more information, 573-392-1000.